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Think about how you deliver superior service to your customers. Now think about what matters most when choosing logistics partners and same-day delivery solutions.At Global Express Courier Services, Secure transport, the agility to meet changing needs.

Save Your Time

Whatever your same-day delivery requirements, Global Express Courier Services has the service to meet your needs. Around the clock, we use the latest in communications technology to dispatch and track a fleet of vehicles that pick up and deliver your shipments on time.

Easy to Track

Staying in touch with our customers is a hallmark of the service Express offers. We track and trace your shipments using scanning equipment and communications devices to assure pickup and delivery occurs when needed.We also use the Internet.

Ongoing Updates

Global Express Couriers offers a personalized hand-carry service which involves an experienced courier accompanying a time critical delivery from personal collection to personal delivery, with the courier taking absolute responsibility for security .

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Our team consistent and focused on:

  • Learn to be a leader.
  • Expand knowledge and skills.
  • Become a team player.
  • Ask for more responsibility.
  • Work hard. 
  • Be loyal and committed to organization.
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Track Your Cargo

The easy way to keep you and your customer informed about the transit of all your parcels, documents and pallets.

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Why choose Global Express?

Local, Regional & International Agents

We have partnered with local, regional and international agents to reach any destination at the cheapest rate and manage the supply chain across borders.

IT  Infrastructure

We own an IT infrastructure that ensures the visibility to track shipments, courier boys and their efficiency on a real-time basis for clients.

Dedicated Team

We employ a dedicated team of friendly and well-trained customer service representatives that maintain a quick response system and are closely managed by our senior management team.

Save Money

We offer competitive rates and are flexible to negotiate terms based on large volumes.

Safe, Secure, Reliable

We provide safe, secure, reliable and timely deliveries. With experience and expertise.

Reputable Clients

We constantly work with large and reputable clients who have consistently placed their faith in our service.



Time has all the elements to make your business run smoothly. The more parcels you send the more discount you get!